What’s Included In Our Shop Rate?

Highly Skilled Labor

Good trimmer technicians are scarce. Many shops fail to provide adequate compensation, and/or satisfactory working conditions to attract and retain high caliber, skilled employees. Our team of trimmers are all long-term employees, most having fifteen years or more of seniority. We are very proud of our workforce here, both for their skills, and their fine work ethic. Some trim shops will hire whomever will work for low wages, translating into lower quality service and work, but we have striven to retain our team over the years by providing skilled wages and a working environment in which they can thrive.

Administrative Support

At Shelby Trim, you will find a helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly person at the counter to help you with estimates, material selection, phone inquiries, and any other assistance that we can provide. This allows our trimmers to focus on your vehicle’s needs, while the administrative staff answers the phone, greets customers, gives estimates, orders parts, processes all necessary paperwork, and performs accounting duties.

Facility and Equipment

A good trim shop requires more space than a mechanical repair shop, in order to have the necessary space to open up the car doors, and remove the interior or interior parts. A large amount of table space is needed to work on interior parts, and plenty of shelving is necessary to store completed or in-process parts. We have over 10,000 square feet of space, and custom built benches and tables in order to service your project efficiently. Every year, Shelby Trim continues to reinvest in the purchase and upkeep of equipment, so that we may best serve our customers. Many shops consist of little more than a single sewing machine, but we maintain over a dozen different sewing machines, along with a vast array of professional cut and sew equipment, allowing us to duplicate all of the factory stitch styles accurately and efficiently.

Licensed and Insured

Shelby Trim has been legally licensed since its inception in 1979. Our company and employees are fully insured. This is an important consideration when having work performed on your vehicle; you can have peace of mind when leaving it in our care.