Car, Truck and Motorcycle Seat Repair

We have been an Auto Custom Carpets Authorized dealer for over twenty-five years. ACC is the largest maker of pre-molded automotive replacement carpets in the world, and with good reason – their carpets are excellent fitting, and will save you hundreds of dollars compared to ordering from the automotive dealer parts department.

We can install your carpet for you, or if you prefer to install it yourself, we offer you the same pricing structure available directly through ACC, with the added benefit that you can see an actual carpet sample in our showroom, not just a printed color chart. We’ll be happy to offer installation advice and tips, and carry jute pad and other DIY supplies.

Older and antique cars are not a problem for Shelby Trim. We are equipped with the proper edge binding machines and experience to make cut & sewn carpets look and fit correctly for those cars built before carpets were made by per-molding into shape.

We can customize and trim around roll bars with professional results.